ECCS2013 Satellite meeting:
Contagion ’13: Modeling of Disease Contagious processes
2nd edition
September 18, 2013, Barcelona, Spain

Contagion processes are widespread in biological and techno-social systems. Everything is contagious: from infectious diseases to rumors, from emotions to innovation and technologies. Habits, memes, knowledge and even debt crisis are “transmissible”. The complex dynamics of contagion phenomena is often the result of heterogeneous, dynamical and multi-scale patterns of interactions among the system’s elements, thus hindering our understanding and control of the emerging spreading processes. The latter is particularly relevant when it comes to understand how an epidemic outbreak arises and unfolds: everything is interconnected and impact the evolution of the disease, from the system’s elements to the interplay of multiple contagion processes themselves. For example, when a disease breaks into a human population, the behavioral response of individuals may crucially alter the disease spread – a response induced by individuals’ awareness, fear, and beliefs that spreads in the population mediated by social interaction and communication.

Accurate data on hosts and spreaders as well as interaction patterns that underlie disease contagion phenomena represent a fundamental input for the study of these processes. Data-driven approaches, as well as theoretical models aimed at exploring the basic mechanisms at play are both important steps to achieve a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of large scale epidemic spreading processes, and to provide critical information allowing for their prediction, prevention and control.

The satellite meeting will be an opportunity for discussing the recent advances in the study of disease contagion in multi-scale systems. The aim of the workshop is to be fully interdisciplinary and bring together researchers from a broad range of disciplines such as physics, mathematics, biology, epidemiology, human and veterinary medicine, computer science, information technologies and social sciences.

Particular attention will be devoted to the following topics:

  • Mobility-driven spatial spreading
  • Implications of contact patterns and agents heterogeneity for transmission
  • Temporally evolving networks and dynamics of disease contagion
  • Interdependent and multi-strain disease contagion processes

The Satellite will be hosted by ECCS’13 and will be co-located with the main conference at the at World Trade Center in Barcelona, Spain.

Submission deadline is 1 July 2013. Go to Call for Abstracts for information on how to submit your abstract.

email: contagion13 [at]